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[22 October, 2018]
Let's Save Lake Baikal Together!

International Poster Contest “Anniversary of UN Peacekeepers”

The contest is held in 13 nominations from October 25, 2018 to January 30, 2019 >>>


Head-lines of "The Voice of Peacemakers" :
  • Names of another 5 UN peacekeepers in Yugoslavia were included into the Gallery of Honour of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations (Rus.)
  • Former UN peacekeeper and deputy commander of "East" sector in Yugoslavia (UNPF) contributed historic photos into Museum funds (Rus.)
  • International Day of Peace was marked in Russia near Monument to Antifashist Coalotion in Moscow September 21. Photos (Rus.)
  • The Museum published its presentation to the 5-th Nothern European Conference on veteran support "Collaboration with Young generation" (Eng.)
  • Paul Coupland: Round Table on Сelebration of 60-th Anniversary of UN Peacekeeping (Rus.)
 Round Table "Civil Society and Culture of Peace"
Исполняющий обязанности Начальника штаба ОНВУП полковник Р.В.Бонварт 〈Ирландия〉 вручает голубой берет — символ миротворческих сил ООН полковнику Н.Ф.Белику, старшему первой группы советских наблюдателей ООН, прибывших в Каир (Египет), 26 ноября 1973 года. Фото: И Нагата

Round table "Civil Society and Culture of Peace" was established during the 3-rd Conference "Civil Society to Children of Russia" December 17, 2003. The purpose of the round table is to elaborate and develop Program of Peace Education for Russian Union of NGOs "Civil Society to Children of Russia".

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Archives of Projects
 Young Peacemakers

The idea to initiate in Russia the movement of young peacemakers and peace promoters goes back to the time of discussion of the project "Culture of Peace in Russia" by UNESCO and Russian Commission for UNESCO.

Establishment of the first clubs and teams of young peacemakers was initiated by Museum of Peacekeeping Operations in the framework of the project "Model of UN Peacekeeping" which won the 3-rd place in 1998 at the First Russian Contest "Best Projects on International Cooperation in the Field of Education".

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[04 Aug., 2008]
Paul Copeland, National President, Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans' Association - List of Australian Defence and Police Forces Personnel Killed in Action or Died on Duty during Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Operations since 1966

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