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Russian version

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Letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
"Let's Save Lake Baikal Together!"

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich!

Movement of Young Peacemakers and Council of Veterans of the Museum, which have been addressing to you earlier on the problem of teaching Ecology at Russian schools are grateful to you for your recommendation to Russian Ministry of Education to start teaching the subject "Ecology" at Russian secondary school. We hope that in accordance with your recommendation teaching of the Ecology will enable Russian pupils and students to obtain both theoretical knowledge and practical habits in the field of sustainable development to successfully solve both regional and global ecological problems.

One of these is the problem of protection of lake Baikal against pollution, which may be solved by our joint efforts. As you know January 2010 Baikal Pulp-and-Paper Mill started production of pulp again polluting waters of lake Baikal.

In this connection we ask you to support our proposal to stop or to reconstruct Baikal Pulp-and-Paper Mill, which so far remains the main polluter of lake Baikal.

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, by this letter we also address to officials and persons, who are able to solve Baikal pollution problem, namely:

  • To Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Prime Minister of Government of the Russian Federation
  • To Yury Petrovich Trutnev, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology
  • To owners of the "Continental Management" company which supervises Baikal Pulp-and-Paper Mill
  • To administration, engineers and workers of Baikal Pulp-and-Paper Mill

Dear citizens of the Earth, Let's Save Lake Baikal All Together for the sake of living and future generations!

With great regard,
Council of Veterans of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations


Note: To get text of the Letter to Russian President for the collection of signatures.

List of participants of the "Let's Save Lake Baikal Together!" Campaign

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