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Gallery of Honour

List of the first group of Soviet UN miltary observers awarded with UN medal "In the Service of Peace" 31 May, 1974.
Winners of the Contest "Peacekeeper of the Year"
Soviet, Russian and International Peacekeepers awarded with the UN Medal «In the Service of Peace» in 1973–2003:
  • List of Soviet and Russian UNMOs and UN Staff Officers
  • List of International UNMOs
  • List of Russian UN Civil Police Officers
  • List of Russian Troops of the UN Peacekeeping Forces
  • Peacemaker's Profile:
  • Hero of Russia Ilya Kasyanov (Russian | Ukrainian | Spanish | German)
  • Vladimir Yulin
  • Brigadier Harry H. Angle
  • List of Young Peacemakers, decorated with honorable badge of the Museum "Young Peacemaker"
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