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Contributions into Museum Funds, 2001–2008

Date Name of Contributor Contribution
Aug. 04, 2008 Paul Copeland, National President, Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans' Association List of of Australian Defence and Police Forces Personnel Killed in Action or Died on Duty during Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Operations since 1966
July 30, 2008 Edward P Doyle, Post 3. I.U.N.V.A., Wexford List of Personnel of Irish D.F., who died while on mission outside the State (English). Click the photos: UN ROLL of HONOUR.jpg; UN ROLL of HONOUR 001.jpg; UN ROLL of HONOUR 002.jpg
March 23, 2008 Anatoli Isaenko, memeber of Council of Veterans of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations Copy of the Security Council Resolution # 50, May 29, 1948 (Russian)
March 11, 2007 Alexei Sergeev, former deputy commander of "East" sector in Yugoslavia (UNPF) Photos of UNPF for the period 1992-93 (Russian)
November 16, 2006 Yuliya Vlasova, UN Information Center in Moscow
The books "Annual Report of the UN Secretary General, 2006 in Russian (ISBN 92-1-400019-0) and "UN Peace Operations" in Russian (DPI/2350/rev.2 - June 2006)
May 31, 2006 Alexander Gorelik, director of the UN Information Center in Moscow
Banner "60-th Anniversary of the United Nations" (Russian)
May 25, 2006 Caterina Kireeva, the World Food Programme officer

Flag of the World Food Programme

May 15, 2006 Nadezhda Latrygina, President of NGO "Zito" (Novosibirsk)
Article "Traditions of People Economy at New Financial Relations. Their Moral and Cultural Aspects" (Russian)
February 06, 2006 Alexander Pronikov, UN peacekeeping veteran (Sierra-Leone)
Photoreport from Russian-Swedish peacekeeping monouvers held in January, 2006
January 13, 2006 Lyubov Bakhireva, teacher of Russian-Chinese Secondary School # 1948 (Moscow)
Photo of the wallpaper "Thanks for Your Charity" devoted to the Decade of Voluntary Deeds" (1-10 December, 2005) organized by Peace Education Net
December 15, 2005 Victor Kryshevich, UN peacekeeping veteran (1994-95), Comms Officer, OSCE, Vienna
Books "From CSCE to OSCE: a Timeline" and "Annual Report on OSCE Activities 2004"
November 24, 2005 Alexander Kapto, well known scientist and leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Энциклопедия Мира/Encyclopaedia of Peace
September 29, 2005 LtCol Peter Petovsky, veteran of UN peacekeeping operations (Slovakia) Certificates of the UN medal "In the Service of Peace" (Angola and Sierra Leone)
September 19, 2005 Andrey Melekhin, young peacemaker of "Bogorodskoye Youth Club in Moscow Items of the uniform tailered for the Parade of Youth and Veterans on the Red Square November 7-th, 2004
May 11, 2005 Anatoly Didenko, winner of the contest "UN Peacemaker of the Year-2004" Items of the uniform of the UN peacemaker and documents
March 23, 2005 Engel Tagirov, Rector of the Institute of Culture of Peace in the city of Kazany The book "Culture of Peace as an Ideology for Development of the Mankind"
December 11, 2004 Marina Chabanyants, Stavropol State University Synopsis of thesis of the dissertation "Criminological Aspects of Influence of Violence and Brutality Demonstrated in Means of Mass Communication on Aggresive Conduct of Teenagers" (Rus.)
October 24, 2004 Oleg Rubezhov, former Russian civpol and veteran of UNMIK Plaque "UNMIK - Kosovo" and CD with songs about Peace and Peacekeeping
October 11, 2004 Serge Korobtsov, Zhitomir regional organization of veterans in international peacekeeping operations Press-release in Ukrainian language
July 31, 2004 Feodor Kulakov, veteran of World War 2 The book "Frontline Fighters of the 100-th Airborne Division" ISBN 5-8024-0009-9
January 29, 2004 Oleg Rubezhov, peacekeeping veteran of UNMIK The book and CD under the title "Listening to Own Heart"
December 18, 2003 Alexander Borisov and Yuri Bogomolov, veterans of UN operations List of Russian civpols participated in UN operations 1992-2003
September 19, 2003 Vasily Somov, veteran of UN operation on the Prevlaka Peninsula in former Yugoslavia Flag of UN Operation, the UN Medal "In the Service of Peace", Information release "Russian Participants of UN Operation in Former Yugoslavia in 1993 to 1995".
June 4, 2003 Alexander Gourov, deputy commander of Russian UN civpol contingent in the Democratic Republic of Congo Photos from the mission area: Talks.jpg; Gurov_Kids.jpg; KidsCoconuts.jpg; FuturePolice.jpg; 3RusCIVPOLs.jpg.
May 21, 2003 Dmitry Shirshov, pupil of 10th grade of Liceum "Stolichny" Essay "Issues of Peace and Security in the Unated Nations" (Russian)
May 3, 2003 Svetlana Galagan, artist Photos of paintings "Diana", "Sunflowers", "Fig flowers".
March 27 Alexander Kuznetsov, UN peacekeeping veteran (UNTSO 1989–92; Yugoslavia 1994–95) Article "Problems of the Use of Corps of International Monitors (Observers) in Armed Conflicts" (Russian)
March 22 Victor Tarusin, President of "Mirotvorets" Charity Fund Information Letter on the outcomes of the round table "Reasons for Elaboration of Russian National Concept of Peacekeeping" (Russian)
February 22 Victor Belyaev, the principal of the Secondary School # 23 in the city of Vladikavkaz Photos of the meeting and the round table of delegations of two republics
January 29 Victor Kryshevich, peacekeeping veteran (UNMO, MINURSO 1994-95) OSCE HLPG Service Medal photo and its Certificat
January 24, 2003 Marina Shirshova, Public Relations assistant, UNIC Moscow International Year of Sweet Water (2003). Press-Release. January 21, 2003 (Russian)
December 28, 2002 Lt-Col. Ilya Zarouba, RUSUNMOC Commander PowerPoit presentation of "Vystrel" (12,2 Mb) as training place of UN peacekeepers (English)
December 3
Alexander Gorelik, director of UN Information Center in Moscow Message of the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on occasion of the IDV, December 2, 2002. Press-Release (in Russian)
December 1
Galina Bodrenkova, President of the "Moscow Charity House" Center of Volunteers Draft Resolution of the Forum of Volunteers "Volunteering in the Social and Economic Interests of Moscow", November 26, 2002 (in Russian)
October 25
Alexey Borisov, Vice President of UN Association Russia Statement of UNA-Russia on the occasion of the Terrorist Act in Moscow, October 24, 2002 (in Russian)
October 17
Hetty van Gurp, President of Peaceful Schools International Information "Catch the Wave National Conference", NS, May 8-10, 2002 (in English)
October 9
Hetty van Gurp, President of Peaceful Schools International Newsletter "Peace Talks International", October, 2002 (in English)
October 3
Olga Mokrova, participant of UN Operation in Kosovo Photo "Privet vsem iz Kosovo! Ulybnites"!(Check point, Kosovo)"
September 24
Alexey Yakunchikov, the UN Information Center in Moscow Photo "Young peacemakers and Russian Peacekeeping Vets around the Tree of Peace"
September 24
Yuri Shishaev, deputy director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Photo "Russian Peacekeeping Vets are planting the Tree of Peace on the occasion of the International Day of Peace"
September 18
Alexander Gorelik, director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Press-Release "Appeal of the UN General Secretary on the occasion of the International Peace Day, September 18 , 2002, New York" (in Russian)
September 11
Alexander Gorelik, director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Resolution 55/282 adopted by the UN GA September 7, 2001 (in Russian)
July 23
Hetty van Gurp, President of Peaceful Schools International Book "Peer Mediation. The Complete Guide to Resolving Conflict in Our Schools" (in English)
June 17
Valery Kouzmine, Soviet military observer 1973-1976 Song of the First Soviet UN Military Observers, written by Vladimir Mamon in 1974 (in Russian)
May 24
Andrey Lymar, National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated School Project UNESCO Reference book (in Russian)
Apr. 23
Hans Levander, Swedish doctor and author of the project "Life-Link" "Life-Link" project manual (in Russian)
Apr. 16
United Nations Information Center in Moscow Breafing of Mr. Guehenno, UN Under Secretary General. June 5, 2001 (in Russian)
Apr. 7
Hetty van Gurp, President of Peaceful Schools International Newsletter "Peace Talks International", April, 2002. Volume 1, issue 3 (in English)
Mar. 20
Andrey Lymar, National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated School Project Resolution of the International Meeting of ASP Coordinators in the city of Minsk March 14-15, 2002 (in Russian)
Feb. 26
Alexander van Gurp, former prisoner of concentration camp in Germany Photo of meeting with delegation of Peace Education Net in Halifax, Canada, Feb 25, 2002
Feb. 13
Yuri Donskoy, President of the Ukrainian Association of Peacekeepers Directive of Leonid Kuchma, Ukrainian President on celebration of Peace Day in the Ukraine
Feb. 12
Zarafshan Isaev, principal of Moscow school # 271 Invitation card for festival of Russian sports, devoted to UN peacekeeping
Feb. 6
Dmitriy Oschepkov, chief of department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior for methodical and organizational support of peacekeeping operations, veteran of UNPROFOR (1995-96) Description of Ukrainian sivpol present participation in UN operations (in Ukrainian)
Jan. 30
Anatoliy Yarmolenko, LO of Saraevo sector HQ, former RUSUNMOC Course Director (Solnechnogorsk, Russia) Working map of Saraevo sector LO, photos, video "Report from Saraevo, 1995" and "Report form Angola and Namibia, 1999"
Jan. 10, 2002 Yuri Donskoy, President of the Ukrainian Association of Peacekeepers Letter of Administration of the Ukrainian President dated Dec.29,2001 (Ukrainian)
Dec. 21, 2001 Wayne Lyons, national President, Australian Peacekeepers & Peacemakers Association (APPA) "Australian Peacekeeper" The official journal of APPA, vol.4, no.21 December 2001 (English)
Dec. 14 Major-General of Internal Service Nikolai Gudkov, Commanding Officer of Russian Institute of Militia Retraining Materials of All-Russian Seminar for Personnel Departments of the Ministry of Interior "Principal Directions of Development" (28 Nov.-1 Dec., 2000). Russian
Nov. 14 Karen Reed, Peaceful Schools International Program of Regional Coordinator Training Session (Oct.25 to Oct.28) of Peaceful Schools International
Nov. 9 Zachesov Taras (14 years) and
Zachesov Roman (13 years), pupils of school "Raduga plus"(Rainbow)
Computer Game "Blue Beret" (English)
Oct. 17 Lt.Col Alexander Miroshnikov, former Soviet UNMO (UNTSO, 1973-76) Photos of Finnish UNMOs members of UNTSO in 1973-75
Oct. 11 Clarita R. Carlos, Ph.D., President of the National Defense College of the Philippines Plaque "National Defense College of the Philippines"
Sept. 24 Poul Filippov, pupil of grade 10, school # 1150, Moscow Paper "Soldiers of Peace and UN Peacekeeping" (Russian and English)
Sept. 21 Alex Klamezh, pupil of grade 9, school # 1150, Moscow Paper "UN and Role of Peacekeepers in Maintenance of Peace" (Russian)

Sept. 14

Isaenko A.I. Soviet UNMO 1973/76 Article "Records of UNMO" (Russian)
Aug. 23 Council of Young Peacemakers
Aug. 17 Shashkov S.V. Russian UNMO 1998-99


Aug.16 Shashkov S.V. and Scherbany V.,Russian UNMO in Angola and W.Sakhara Article "Military and Political Situation in Western Sakhara", published in "International Military Review", # 7, 2001. (Russian)
Aug.13 Shashkov S.V. Russian UNMO 1998-99
  • ID card of UNMO.
  • UN envelope (UNISOM).
  • "International Military Review", # 7, 2001. (Russian)
  • Book "Using TacOps CF to Enhance our Training".(English)
  • CD "Finnish Peacekeeping". (English)
July 26 Rubeszov O.V., Russian Sivpol in 1999-2001г. Copy of the book "Listening own Heart". Poems and songs. Moscow, 2001. (Russian)
July 18 UN Information Centre in Moscow Book "Shortly about UN (40 copies). (Russian)
July 15 Stepanova Е.А.,senior researcher of the Center for Political and Military Forecasts Book "Civil-Military Relations in Operations Other Than War" Moscow, Human Rights Publishing House, 2001, 272 pages., ISBN 5-7712-0186-3 (Russian)
July 1 Sakharov V.V., coordinator of Culture of Peace Programme of the National Commission for UNESCO Book "Russian Youth in front Global Challanges on the Eve of New Century". Materials of International Conference, Nov.18-19, 2000. Moscow, Russia. ISBN - 5-85085-591-2 (Russian)
June 21 Sirpa Hyvarinen, secretary of Peacekeeping Department of the Ministry of Defence of Finland "Finland and PSOs"(246 KB) in Power Point format (English)
June 20 Isaenko А.I., Soviet UNMO1973-76, 1978-80 Breafing Notes of Ismailia Control Centre (UNTSO) Nov.28,1973 (English)
June 14 Belik N.F., Soviet UNMO1973-74 Article "Memoirs of the Senior Officer od Soviet UNMOs"(Russian)
June 10 Shashkov S.V. Russian UNMO 1998-99
  • Article "Finland and UN Peacekeeping Operations" (Russian).
  • Table "UN Missions in 2001". (Russian)
May 29 Tom Mulholland, Canadian signalman (ONUC)
  • Article "Memoirs about operation in Congo" (English)
  • Photos:
    1. Medal Parade in 1962
    2. Author nowadays
May 14 Secondary School #1962, Moscow Tree of Love (handicraft of a scholar)
April 24 Medina Kulchieva, scholar of 10th grade of the secondary school # 23, Vladicavkaz Report "Koran about Peacemaking".(Russian)
April 15 BorodinovD.V., Soviet UNMO 1982-85 and 1990-92 (Ukraine) Photo: ISMAC Duty room.
April 10 Shashkov S.V. Russian UNMO 1998-99
  • Map of UN operation in Angola.
  • Article "Memoirs of UN peacekeeper in Angola".(Russian)
  • Photos:
    1. Command and UNMOs of UN operation in Angola".
    2. Armoured Vehicle en route.
    3. UN medal "In the Service of Peace" for the operation in Angola.
March 13 UN Information Centre in Moscow Booklet UN Conference against Racism (30 copies).(Russian)
Feb. 23 Nick Keam,Commander of Australian Center at Villiamtown
Jan. 5 Maklakova E.V., science researcher, Ph.deg. Article "Methods and Forms of Training and Education of Peacemakers in Universities of European Countries"
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