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Exhibition of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations at the UN Information Center in Moscow in October, 1995. Valery Guerguel (UNMO 1973-1976), director of the Museum (left) and Samir El-Jijakly, Director UNIC Moscow (right) Since its foundation the Museum functions on the principle of voluntary contributions. Every contributor of the Museum is put on the list of the Museum and is sent an official letter of gratitude signed by the director of the Museum.

By the end of January 2002 the Museum funds and archives incorporated over 500 artifacts and memorial items including uniforms, personal equipment and insignia of UN peace-keepers, papers, maps and sketches of UN peace-keeping operations, UN field manuals and SOPs, books, photographs, records, films etc.

List of contributors of Museum in 1993—2000 includes:
Russian Federation:
A.A.Aleshkin (UNMO 1983-1986), V.V.Alimov (UNMO 1978-80), N.F.Belik (UNMO 1973-1974), V.N.Belokopytov (Ministry of Defence), G.P.Boubnov (UNMO 1973-77), S.T.Bushuev (UNMO1987-89), F.N.Fakhrutdinov, V.Y.Gorshkov (United Nations military observer ‘UNMO’ 1978-80), V.A.Didichenko (UNMO 1991-92), A.I.Isaenko (UNMO 1973-76), A.I.Khromchenkov (Commander of «Vostok» Sector in Yugoslavia, 1992), S.A.Kireev (UNMO 1984-87), E.E.Komlyakov (UNMO 1980-82, 1985-87), M.P.Korotenko (Ministry of the Interior), V.V.Kostenko (SIVPOL 1992-93), A.P.Krivoruchko (Deputy Commander of the «Vistrel» Academy, 1993-96), Kouzmine.V.V. (UNMO 1973-76), S.V.Lavrov (UNMO 1980-82), A.Y.Nikolenko (UNMO 1994-96, RUSUNMOC Commander, 1976-1998), A.L.Miroshnikov (UNMO 1973-76), A.M.Oleinik (Photo-correspondent of the «Red Star» newspaper, 1994), G.S.Pimenov (UNMO 1973-74), A.M.Polikarpov (UNMO 1992-93), Y.S.Udovichenko (UNMO 1980-82, 1985-87), S.V.Shashkov (UNMO 1998-99), N.V.Stasykov (Ministry of Defence), A.B.Stepanov (Ministry of Defence), V.V.Voronin (UNMO 1988-91), V.I.Vorontsov (Ministry of the Interior), Y.Y.Shishkin (Senior officer of the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Defence, 1995), S.PShpak (UNMO 1995-96), A.Y.Yarmolenko (UNMO 1994-95), M.M.Yermolaev (UNMO 1986-88), V.F.Zakharov (UNMO 1976-79), Y.I.Zaruba (UNMO 1992-94, RUSUNMOC Commander, 1998-2000).

M.L.Keam (Director of Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre RAAF Base Williamtown, 2001)
Alex Morrisson (Pearson Peacekeeping Center president, 1998).
Chen Fuyuan (Head of the Chinese Delegation to the UN Military Staff Committee, 2000).
Swen Fandrup (Defence Attache of Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, 1995),
Hans Foss (Defence Attache of Royal Danish Embassy, 1996),
Karsten Barlose (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1997).
Ensio P.H.Siilasvuo (COS UNTSO 1970-73, UNEF-2 Interim Commander Oct.-Nov.1973, UNEF-2 Commander 1973-75, in 1993),
Kari Hoglund (Chief of the Peace-keeping Division of the Ministry of Defence, 1997).
Jurgen Huffmann (the NATO School 'SHAPE' Deputy Commandant, 1995),
Arnulf Rott (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1998).
Great Britain:
Dankhom Devid (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1998).
Cornelus Ros (Adjunct Defence Attache of Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, 1995),
Jo Rietveld (Defence, Army, Naval and Air Attache of Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, 1996),
Henk Grothausen (Deputy Defence, Army, Naval and Air Attache, 1997).
Zigmunt Yasik (Military Attache of Polish Embassy in Moscow, 1997).
Karl-Evert Englund (Commander of UNEF-2 Swedbat 1976-1977, in 1993),
Goran Hagberg (UNMO 1973-74, in 1993),
Patrick Karlsson (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1998)
Syrian Arab Republic:
Samir Al-Jijakli (Director of the UN Information Centre in Moscow, 1995).
Yuri Donskoy (President of the Ukrainian Association of Peacekeeping Veterans)
Thomas Plummer (UNMO 1973),
King Jozeff (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1998),
Klark Paidridge (RUSUNMOC graduate, 1998).
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