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Командование, преподаватели и выпускники курса военных наблюдателей ООН 1976 года Russian UNMO Course (RUSUNMOC) in Solnechnogorsk town (67 km from Moscow) was opened in 1975 as a part of the "Vystrel" Military Academy (now - the Training Center of the Combined Arms Military Academy of the Armed Forces of Russia). Since that time the RUSUNMOC is responsible for peace-keeping training of military personnel and provides both national and international military observer courses on a regular basis.

Выпускники Курса  военных наблюдателей ООН 1999 года By now over 700 officers from Russia and about 70 officers from GB, Danmark, Canada, Norwey, Germany and Sweden passed training there before joining UN peacekeeping missions.

And since 1997 the lectures read by peacekeeping veterans in the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations both for Russian and international peacekeepers are a part of training in addition to official programme of RUSUNMOC.

Since 1998 the Museum is widely used as a methodical training center for young peacemakers (schoolboys aged 14-18 years) of Moscow and Moscow region.

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