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Peacemaker Vladimir Yulin

Vladimir Yulin — an active U.N. Peacemaker

Born on 15 July 1931 in a schoolteachers' family in Tula, Russia. His childhood coincided with the years of the Great Patriotic war (1941–1945). His father was called up for military service and the family was evacuated to Siberia where Vladimir, then a ten-year-old boy, learned how hard is a peasant's work. Upon the return from the evacuation he worked some time as a turner apprentice in a weapons repair workshop of an artillery regiment of the infantry division where his father served as an officer. At an early age he learnt how difficult was a soldier's life although he was never on active military service. His own destiny desposed in a different way.

Having graduated from a secondary school with honors, in 1949 he entered the Institute of International Relations in Moscow. He graduated from the Institute in 1954 and joined a diplomatic service. As a diplomat (and later as a U.N. Staffer) Vladimir had long term assignments to Great Britain, United States, Switzerland, India, Chile and other countries. In London he combined diplomatic work with the studies in London School of Economics. In 1965 he graduated from External Postgraduate School of the Institute of International Relations and received a scientific degree of a candidate of economic sciences (an equivalent to a Ph.D (Econ) degree in the Western Higher Educational Establishments).

In 1973–1985 as a Senior Research Fellow he worked in the Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is an author of several books and over 300 articles on political and economic subjects. Was active as a lecturer on international affairs.

In 1985 he joint the United Nations Secretariat in New York as Deputy Director of Administrative Management Service. From 1986 to 1991 worked as Director of Technological Innovations (Computer) Service.

Participated in several United Nations Peace-keeping operations, including two missions in Cambodia: United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia (UNAMIC) as a member of the Group assigned to form United Nation Administration in this country and United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) as Director of the U.N. Provincial Administration in the Province of Kampong Spue. Later in 1994 he participated in United Nations Observers' Mission in South Africa (UNOMSA) as U.N.Observers' Team Leader in North-Western Provinces of the South African Republic.

Upon his retirement from the United Nations in 1994 Vladimir joined the Organization of United Nations Volunteers. From 1996 to 2001 as a U.N. Volunteer he served as an Electoral Observer under the auspice of the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe to verify the preparations and conduct of elections in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Croatia. Twice he was assigned to work in Kosovo (1997 and 1999–2001).

In 1999–2000 he worked with United Nations Peace-keeping Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) as Senior Core Supervisor assigned to ensure co-operation and security of U.N. personnel operating in the District of Northern Mitrovica, one of the most volatile places in the UNMIK Area of Responsibility. In 2001 as OSCE Election Officer he was responsible for the preparation of the elections to the Kosovo Assembly in the Serbian Municipalities Zvecan and Zubin Potok of Northern Mitrovica District. Before leaving Kosovo in December 2001 he worked for several months as OSCE Democratization Officer in the Albanian-Serbian Municipality of Lipljan.

His experience and sound judgement was an asset stimulating his younger colleagues to find an optimal solution to the most complicated situations of confrontation between belligerent groups in Kosovo.

Back in Moscow on the completion of his last mission Vladimir Yulin generously shared his experience and knowledge which he accumulated during his diplomatic and peace-keeping activities.

Presently he is very active in restoring the historic memory of celebrated families of Russian Nobility-namely the Chichagov clan. He supports the view that addressing their patriotism, loyalty to Motherland in fulfilling their military and civic duties and upholding spiritual values of Christianity will no doubt serve to promote Russia's prestige in the world as a great peacekeeping power and Russia's spiritual ressuraction. It is in this context that the Chichagov's Noble Family Charity Foundation and its President Vladimir Yulin have as a primary aim.

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