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Model of UN Peacekeeping

Over 150 young peacemakers participated in the Model of UN Peacekeeping 2001.

The Model was organised by Moscow Teacher-Training Institute, Moscow Center of UNESCO ASP Net and the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations

June 25 — Opening of the Model at North-East district of Moscow

Opening ceremony at school # 1411. Bringing in flags of Russia and the UN.

Contest on the history of Russia

Two veterans meet — former Soviet UNMO of 70-th and Russian Civpol of 90-th.

Competitions in use of individual protection means

Song "Kosovo Field" is performed by peacekeeper composer Oleg Rubezhov

June 26 — Visiting Exhibitions on Peacekeeping

At the Central Museum of the Ministry of Interior

At Fire-fighting museum

June 27 — Peacemaking Action

Young peacemakers at the asylum.

June 28 — Fire Fighting Competitions

At the Fire-Fighting Center of Moscow

It's not a problem to climb the second floor

Standard obstacle cannot stop young peacemaker

Fire-fighting team of school # 789

Getting award for the competion

June 28 — Day of Sports

Football team of school # 554

Table tennis winners

We will make peace together


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