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Voice of Peacemakers
# 2/78 (English version)
January 13, 2003
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Published since February 13, 2001
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Bulletin is published
by Moscow-region public organization "Union of Peacemakers" in cooperation with Moscow Institute of Open Education and the UN Information Center in Moscow.
The Bulletine is sent to
principals of Secondary Schools in Russia, Russian peacekeepers participating in UN and OSCE missions, peacekeeping veterans in Russia and Ukraine, leaders of non-governmental organizations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


Presentation of Exhibition devoted to UNTSO

Presentation of two exhibitions, namely "55-Years of UNTSO" and "Young Peacemakers as Successors of Experience of UN Peacekeepers", was made by the team of young peacemakers during the winter camp session in the suburbs of Moscow.
The session which included training of leaders, contests, games and sporting competitions was organized from January 7 to January 12, 2003 by Moscow government for 200 children and youth who represented over 50 non-governmental youth organizations located in Moscow.

Dated: 12 January, 2003

Yuri Luzhkov and Young Peacemakers

In the end of December 2002 young peacemakers met with Mayor of Moscow. The meeting took place at Novy Arbat, 36 where a group of young peacemakers was invited to celebrate 15-th anniversary of Moscow Council of Veterans of WW-2 and Veterans of Labour.
On the photo: Yuri Luzhkov and representatives of the Secondary School # 318 in the uniforms of their club of young peacemakers.
For the types of uniforms of young peacemakers see the section "Simulation Game "Model of UN Peacekeeping"

Dated: 5 January, 2003

Training Center has got Back its Historic Name

According to the Directive # 314/10/2838 issued by the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces on the 30-th of October, 2002 the Training Center of Russian Combined Arms Military Academy located in Solnechnogorsk will get back its historic name "Vystrel". Starting from the 1-st of January 2003 and on it will be called Training Center "Vystrel".
PowerPoit presentation of "Vystrel" (12,2 Mb) as the training place for UN peacekeepers prepared by teachers of Russian UN Military Observer CourseYuri Afanasov and Ilya Zarouba was contributed into Museum funds December 28, 2002.

Dated: 29 December, 2002

UNMOP Closure

Head of the UN mission in Croatia, Argentinian Brigadier Rodolfo Mujica signed an agreement during a takeover ceremony on the Croatian southeast peninsula of Prevlaka, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2002. After signing a temporary agreement between Croatia and Yugoslavia, the U.N. peacekeeping mission started in 1992 has ended. Photographs of the event made by the correspondents of leading information agenciest were sent to Museum by Sergey Shashkov, UNMIBH.

Dated: 16 December, 2002

Certificates for Voluntary Peacemaking Activities

Delegations of over 40 secondary and high schools took part in the ceremony of closing the Decade of Goodwill Deeds at the Secondary School # 1948 (Russian-Chinese school in Moscow) December 10 at 15 00 hrs. During the ceremony they were awarded with Certificates for Voluntary Peacemaking Activities issued by the UN Information Center in Moscow and the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations. The schools located in the remoted regions of Russia, which took part in the Decade will get their certificates via Internet.

Dated: 11 December, 2002

Article of Force Commander on Peace Education of Children

Article on peace education of children written by Major General SZARAZ (Hungarian Army), Force Commander MINURSO was published in the 73-rd issue of "Voice of Peacemakers" (Russian version) and was distributed December 8, 2002 via e-mail to principals of Russian secondary schools, Russian NGOs, peacekeepers in UN and OSCE missions, peacekeeping veterans in Russia and in the Ukraine. The full text of the article may be obtained here.

Dated: 8 December, 2002

Memorial Medals for Schools of Peace

By decision of the International Association for Volunteer Efforts (IAVE) a few Schools of Peace and NGOs of young peacemakers will be awarded with the Memorial Medal devoted to the International Year of Volunteers established by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
In 2001 and 2002 the Movement of Young Peacemakers and Schools of Peace in Russia organized a few voluntary and peacemaking actions in cooperation with UN Volunteers and IAVE.

Dated: 29 November, 2002

Peacemaking Action "Decade of Goodwill Deeds"

48 Secondary and High schools located in the city of Moscow, Moscow and Tumen regions and Republic of Altai will take part in the Decade devoted to the International Day of Volunteers established by the UN in 1985. The Decade to last December 1 to December 10, 2002 was initiated by the Movement of Young Peacemakers and Schools of Peace appeared in Russia as a result of realization of the projects "Model of UN Peacekeeping" and "Peace Education Net".
The closing ceremony of the Decade will be held December 10, 2002 at Russian-Chinese school (Secondary school # 1948) located in the South-Western district of Moscow.

Dated: 25 November, 2002

The Editorial Board
V.V.Guerguel, Ph. D., Chief Researcher of the Moscow Institute of Open Education, UN military observer (UNTSO 1973–1976), director of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations (editor of the bulletin).
I.I.Zaruba, head of the Russian preparatory course for UN military observers (Solnechnogorsk), UN military observer (MINURSO 1992–1994).
V.F.Zakharov, director of the Center for the International Educationak Programs, UN military observer (UNTSO 1976-1979).
A.I.Isaenko, UN military observer (UNTSO 1973–1976).
E.E.Komlyakov, deputy director of School # 1239 in Moscow, UN military observer (UNTSO 1980–1982).
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